Mixed Bowling

Meet new people, make new connections, strengthen friendships or build new ones, and have an incredible time while doing so!

Level of play ranges from beginners to experienced veteran, so everyone fits in. 

3 games will be played weekly on Sundays; January 9, 16, 23, 30, February 27, March 6.

Location is at Husted Hazel Dell Lanes.

Mixed bowling has no gender requirements.  

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Mixed Bowling Rules


[Rule 1] Teams will be made of 4 players. Players must be legally and officially added to the team roster before they will be allowed to participate. Team Registration must be completed and fees paid before players will be considered legally and officially added to a team.

[Rule 2] Entering averages of all players shall be determined Week One of the season by the hosting lanes. The handicap for bowlers who bowl the first time after Week One will receive a handicap the first week they bowl.

[Rule 3] The league will determine wins and losses on a handicap basis. Handicap will be 100% of the difference between a bowler’s average and a scratch figure of 220.

[Rule 7] Absentee and vacancy scores will be allowed when a team has a legal lineup, but less than a full lineup at the start of any game in a series. Handicap will be determined on the average of absent member. The absentee score will be the absent member’s average minus 10 pins. Teams having an incomplete roster (vacancy on the team) will use a score of 125 plus a handicap of 85 for the vacant position, which shall be used for the basis of determining handicap.

[Rule 8] By the rules of bowling and the automatic scoring system, if a bowler has not arrived before the completion of the 5th frame, they must sit the rest of that game but are eligible to bowl games 2 and 3.

[Rule 9] Team position standings shall be determined on a point basis, with 1 point awarded for each game won (3 per day) and 1 point for the high team series in each match. League winners will be determined by games won and lost; first tiebreaker is head-to-head competition; if teams did not play each other during league play the tie-breaker is total scratch pins.

[Rule 10] No person(s) shall be allowed in the bowling area except the players and league administrative personnel. No children in the bowling area except for infants if there is no one to babysit and both parents are bowling. Exceptions must be approved by LEGACY Sports Director or in his absence, League Commissioner.

[Rule 11] Pre-bowling other than approved warm-up time is not permissible.



[A] TEAMS: Before a team can participate, they must have completed the online registration and the fees have been processed.

[B] ELIGIBILITY: Players are not eligible to participate in any games until they have registered online. Players under 18 years of age require a signature from parent or guardian to be eligible to be on a roster. Players must be at least 9th grade or a minimum 14 years of age to be eligible to play. They are considered High School if they are in the final weeks of the final term of 8th grade.

[C] VERBAL ABUSE: will not be permitted, whether against umpires, coaches, teammates, opponents, fans, or league personnel. Verbal Abuse will be defined as any person who forcefully criticizes, insults, or denounces another person; or communication characterized by underlying anger and/or hostility; or a destructive form of communication intended to harm the self-concept of the other person and produce negative emotions.

[D] PROFANITY: will not be permitted. 1st incident results in a warning; 2nd incident results in a final warning; 3rd incident results in an ejection for the rest of that day; 4th incident results in multiple weeks suspension, up to the remainder of the season (length of suspension will be determined by the LEGACY Sports Board on a case by case basis.

[E] PHYSICAL ABUSE: Absolutely NO physical abuse at any time; includes fighting, verbal threats, attempts to provoke, taunting, physical bumps, pushing, or any act of aggression toward umpires, coaches, other players, fans.

[F] SUBSTANCES: No ALCOHOL is permitted by players, coaches, umpires, or spectators before games, during games, or anywhere on the premises inside the gates of the complex. No SMOKING, VAPING, or E-CIGS will be permitted anywhere inside the gates of the complex, as posted on signs as you enter the complex.

[G] Participants are expected to treat the bowling alley with respect, which includes but is not limited to not abusing equipment and cleaning up any messes we create or find. “Leave it better than you found it”.


[A] The league will consist of both males and females, and there will not be a minimum or maximum of a gender, since the handicap system used in this league eliminates any advantage that may or may not be attributed to any gender.

[B] The minimum legal line-up of 3 players must be present before the completion of the first frame of each game. For the lineup to be legal at least one bowler must be a regular team member; two may be substitutes. Games must be forfeited if an illegal lineup is used.


[A] Teams are responsible for their own uniforms. There is no enforcement on matching colors, but players should have a number. Players may wear pants or shorts at their discretion, as long as the shorts are appropriate in style, modest in length (not extremely short) and demonstrate decorum.

[B] Players must wear bowling shoes. Rentals are free of charge to league members.


[A] When bowling in a known forfeit situation or scheduled against a non-existent team, the team must bowl at least the team average less 10 pins per player to earn the points.