Co-Ed Softball

Meet new people, make new connections, strengthen friendships or build new ones, and have an incredible time while doing so!

 Level of play ranges from beginners to experienced veteran, so everyone fits in.  

Doubleheaders will be played weekly on Sunday. Game days are May 14th, May 21st; June 4th, June 11th; July 16th; August 13th, August 20th, and August 27th.  Sept 10 will be our last game and our awards ceremony

Games are played at the Prairie Field Softball Complex in Brush Prairie.  Athletes must be at least incoming high school freshman for the 2023-24 school year to be old enough to play.

There will be 7 male players and 3 female players in the defensive line-up at a time for each team.  

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2023 Legacy Sports Softball



2023 Legacy Sports Softball

1Glove Unconditionally151260103157W2
3Living Free12420614462W3
4Holy Hitters10516713433W4
6The Chosen Few59131177-46L2
7Amazing Base31192153-61L7
9JC Dream Team21057161-104W2
10JC Disciples21281155-74L10

RS – Runs Scored; RA – Runs Allowed

*Tie Breakers:

2-Way: Head-to-Head, Highest net runs, Runs Scored

3-or-More: Record in games played amongst tied teams, Head-to-Head, Highest net runs, Runs scored.

Co-Ed Softball Rules


[Rule 1] Games are scheduled for 7 innings. If a game reaches a time limit, darkness causes the continuation of the game to be a risk, or inclement weather makes it unsafe to play, 4 innings will be considered a complete game.

[Rule 2] Pitching arc is a minimum of 6 feet and a maximum of 10 feet.

[Rule 3] There is a run cap rule of 5 runs per inning. If a team is ahead 5 runs they can score 5 more; if behind they can score until they are 5 runs ahead. When a run cap occurs, all runs scored during the last play will count until the play is ended.

[Rule 4] There will be no new inning after 60 minutes. All innings that start will be finished.

[Rule 5] Players are allowed one foul ball with 2 strikes; if they hit two foul balls with 2 strikes it will be recorded as a strikeout.

[Rule 6] In the event of a tie game with time remaining in the game; extra innings will start with the last batter to have batted on second base. If game time expires with the score still tied, the game will end in a tie.

[Rule 7] HOME RUNS: One team can never be more than 2 over-the-fence home runs ahead of their opponents total. If they hit an over-the-fence HOME RUN when they are 2 home runs ahead it will result in a dead-ball out. The“Hit & Sit” rule is in effect. EACH TEAM IS RESPONSIBLE TO FIND AND RETRIEVE THEIR OWN OVER-THE-FENCE HOME RUNS. If an excessive amount of home run balls are not retrieved by a team (administration’s judgment) they may be charged for the softballs.

[Rule 8] HALO: Lines will be chalked 1 foot from the edge of the pitcher’s plate. If a hard hit ball passes the pitcher between the lines and below the pitcher’s head (standing straight up) a dead ball out will be called. NOTE: A ball that passes over the head of the pitcher by either a fly ball or a high bouncing ground ball is a legally hit ball. It is solely the discretion of the umpire as to whether the ball is ruled a HALO and may not be challenged or argued. If the same batter is called for a HALO violation twice in one game, that batter continues to play defense but is an automatic out in the batting order the rest of that game.

[Rule 9] There will be a COMMITMENT LINE pre-chalked or drawn by the Umpire intersecting the 3rd base line 2/3 of the way home. Once a base runner crosses the COMMITMENT LINE they MUST proceed to home. If they reverse direction and cross back over the COMMITMENT LINE they will be called out and the play will remain “live” if there are any other base runners. Once a player has crossed the line they may not be tagged out – they can only be put out by a force play at home plate. If a runner passed the COMMITMENT LINE is tagged they will be awarded the scored run.

[Rule 10] There will be a RUN THROUGH LINE at home plate. The RUN THROUGH LINE will be pre-chalked or drawn by the Umpire. The line will be roughly 1 foot out from the left edge of the batter’s box and extend 6 to 8 feet. A defensive player with the ball must touch home plate for a force out on the runner(s) passed the COMMITMENT LINE. In order to be called safe, the base runner must have his/her foot down on or over any part of the line prior to the defensive player in possession of the ball touching home plate. The baserunner MAY NOT run through the batter’s box or touch home plate.

[Rule 11] No player (male or female) may encroach upon a hit ball (not in effect on thrown balls) in the close vicinity of a teammate who is attempting a play on the ball. This includes calling off another player, but with the exception of a ball tailing away from a player ready for the play (Umpires Judgement). An example would be an outfielder waiting for a fly ball slowly drifts next to another outfielder. The penalty shall be a dead ball and the batter is awarded a double; all runners advance as forced.

[Rule 12] When a female batter is up to bat there will be an ENCROACHMENT LINE in the outfield that no outfielder may pass until after the ball crosses home plate. It is on the honor system; no penalty will be assessed. Please practice good sportsmanship and honesty.

[Rule 13] If a male batter is walked with a female batter (including a Jane Doe batter) on deck, the male batter will receive a two base award. The next batter (the female batter) shall bat. The ball is a dead ball and the male batter must legally touch first base before proceeding to second base. If there are 2 outs and a male batter is walked with a female batter on deck, the team will have the option of allowing the next batter (the female batter) to bat or walk. If the next batter is a Jane Doe (the out still counts), the following batter is awarded first base.

[Rule 14] Base-stealing or leading off of a base is not allowed.

[Rule 15] In a double-play situation the baserunner on first base must slide according to ASA rules. According to our rules, the baserunner IS NOT REQUIRED TO SLIDE if they run into the outfield early enough to not interrupt a throw from the defensive player at second base to first base, or interfere with the defense in any other way, at any other position.

[Rule 16] Home team will be the team listed second on the schedule and will automatically occupy the third base dugout, visiting team the first base dugout. The home team must be able to provide a competent scorekeeper. If they cannot do so, the visiting team will be allowed to provide the scorekeeper. If a team is in the third base dugout and staying on a field they do not have to move to the first base dugout.

[Rule 17] Music IS NOT allowed during warm-ups or games. It can be a distraction to other games being played on nearby fields.



[A] TEAMS: Before a team can participate, they must have completed the online registration and the fees have been processed.

[B] ELIGIBILITY: Players are not eligible to participate in any games until they have registered online. Players under 18 years of age require a signature from parent or guardian to be eligible to be on a roster. Players must be at least 9th grade or a minimum 14 years of age to be eligible to play. They are considered High School if they are in the final weeks of the final term of 8th grade.

[C] VERBAL ABUSE: will not be permitted, whether against umpires, coaches, teammates, opponents, fans, or league personnel. Verbal Abuse will be defined as any person who forcefully criticizes, insults, or denounces another person; or communication characterized by underlying anger and/or hostility; or a destructive form of communication intended to harm the self-concept of the other person and produce negative emotions.

[D] PROFANITY: will not be permitted. 1st incident results in a warning; 2nd incident results in a final warning; 3rd incident results in an ejection for the rest of that day; 4th incident results in multiple weeks suspension, up to the remainder of the season (length of suspension will be determined by the LEGACY Sports Board on a case by case basis.

[E] PHYSICAL ABUSE: Absolutely NO physical abuse at any time; includes fighting, verbal threats, attempts to provoke, taunting, physical bumps, pushing, or any act of aggression toward umpires, coaches, other players, fans.

[F] SUBSTANCES: No ALCOHOL is permitted by players, coaches, umpires, or spectators before games, during games, or anywhere on the premises inside the gates of the complex. No SMOKING, VAPING, or E-CIGS will be permitted anywhere inside the gates of the complex, as posted on signs as you enter the complex.


[A] There is no roster minimum, but be advised on the line-up restrictions.

[B] Teams may pick up other players from the league without penalty if they adhere to the following stipulations:

1. The pick-up player’s team is not playing at that time.

2. They may pick up as needed until they have a legal team of 7 men and 3 women, plus one substitute of each gender.

[C] Defensive line-ups shall consist of at least 3 players of each gender. If a team has only 2 women available at game time, they can start the game and play with one of two options: 1) play 2 women and 7 men on defense, with a ghost female (JANE DOE) in the batting order who is an automatic out whenever it is their at-bat; OR 2) play 2 women and 6 men on defense and bat 8 with no penalty. If a third female shows up they may be added to the bottom of the batting order in either scenario.

[D] If a player cannot finish a game due to injury can be removed from the batting order without penalty provided gender minimums are still met.

[E] Teams are required to bat their roster so everyone has the opportunity to participate (providing minimum gender requirements can be met). There is no requirement to alternate player genders in the batting order as is common in traditional 5 and 5 Co-Ed.

[F] Injured players may have a courtesy runner, but batters must safely reach first base before a courtesy runner can be inserted, and then only after the umpire has declared a dead ball. MANAGERS MUST NOTIFY BOTH THE UMPIRE AND THE OPPOSING MANAGER before the first pitch of the game which player(s) will need a courtesy runner! If a player is injured during the game, additional courtesy runners will be allowed at the umpire’s discretion, and both managers will be made aware of the change. The courtesy runner must be of the same gender, and the last available player of that gender in the batting order. NOTE: The courtesy runner rule is not meant to allow teams to replace a “slow” runner; it is meant to allow teams to replace an “injured” runner.


[A] Teams are responsible for their own uniforms. There is no enforcement on matching colors, but players should have a number. Players may wear pants or shorts at their discretion, as long as the shorts are appropriate in style, modest in length (not extremely short) and demonstrate decorum.

[B] All bats must contain the USA/ASA stamp (or be USA legal) and not on the banned bat list. Bats will be declared illegal by the umpire, not league personnel, and should be done so before the game, but can be done at any time.

[C] Players must wear shoes (appropriate shoes) at all times. Metal cleats are not allowed.

[D] Any player who desires to wear a protective mask or (legal) headgear may do so if they provide their own.

[E] Game balls will be provided by the league; teams must provide their own practice balls.


[A] If scheduled games have the ability to be canceled without teams being forced to show up at the field they will be; if not, both teams MUST show up and be ready to play at the scheduled time to avoid a forfeit.

[B] The decision to cancel a game due to inclement weather or field conditions will be made by the Prairie Fields Director and groundskeeper and will be available on their facebook page. It is each team’s responsibility to make themselves aware of rain-outs.

[C] The first option for making up a rainout will be to add an additional game on a game day later in the season. If that is not possible, the end of the season may be pushed back (if possible) to accommodate the makeup; the goal is that no team lose the opportunity to play any of the games on their schedule. As a last resort game(s) could be made up a different day. If a game(s) is lost to weather and, after every option has been exhausted, the game(s) cannot be made-up, LEGACY Sports is not responsible for the lost game(s).

[D] When a game is a forfeit, the teams may still play the game for fun despite the fact the outcome has already been determined. The final score of the game will be 7-0 according to ASA rules. Once a game has been declared a forfeit, any player eligible to play in the LEGACY SPORTS Co-Ed Softball League may fill in only for the team that is short players.