Co-Ed Basketball

Meet new people, make new connections, strengthen friendships or build new ones, and have an incredible time while doing so!

3 on 3 half court play.

Level of play ranges from beginners to experienced veteran, so everyone fits in. 

Games will be played weekly on Sundays.

Location of games is TBD.

There will be a minimum of 1 female on the court for each team.

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2022 Co-Ed Basketball Standings

2The Dunkaholics930.750
3Bailey and the Boys750.583
5Living Hope2100.167
5Super sonics2100.167


Co-Ed Basketball 2021

2The Dunkaholics930.750101
3Bailey and the Boys750.58349
5Living Hope2100.167-184
5Super sonics2100.167-24

PF – Points For, PA – Points Allowed

*Tie Breakers:

2-Way: Head-to-Head, Highest net points, Points scored

3-or-More: Record in games played amongst tied teams, Head-to-Head, Highest net points, Points scored

Co-Ed Basketball Rules


[Rule 1] Each team on the floor will consist of three (3) players, two (2) male players and one (1) female player. All games must begin and end with at least two (2) players [if only two players, at least one (1) must be female]. Minimum roster age is high school or older. Unlimited substitutions are allowed during a game as long as they legally / correctly enter the game.

[Rule 2] A game is played to the duration of 25 minutes, with a running clock. If the game is tied when time has elapsed the Sudden Winner Rule will be in play, meaning the team with possession of the ball keeps possession and the next point determines the winner.

[Rule 3] Each team is allowed ONE 30-SECOND TIME OUT per game.

[Rule 4] Clock will stop in the event of an injury.

[Rule 5] Possession after a made basket will alternate to team who was on defense; no “make it, take it”.

[Rule 6] A standard field goal will be scored as two (2) points, field goals from behind the 3-point arc will be scored as three (3) points, and free throws will be scored as one (1) point.


[Rule 7] A coin toss determines first possession with the Alternate Possession Rule in effect after coin toss (including for jump balls). Both teams must have a representative available and near court they will play on for a coin toss 15 minutes prior to their game time or they automatically lose the toss. Either a league official or someone appointed by league official (most likely court monitor) must adjudicate the toss and result is recorded by a league official.

[Rule 8] The ball must be taken behind the designated 3-point arc on any change of possession (defensive rebound, made basket, “air ball” recovered by defense, turnover or steal, ball out of bounds resulting in change of possession).

[Rule 9] A legal “take back” is defined as both feet and the ball being entirely behind the 3-point arc. Penalty for improper “take back” is a turnover/loss of possession and a warning; second offense and after results in a technical foul.

[Rule 10] The ball must be “checked” by a member of the team on defense at the top of the key after a made basket or a dead ball change of possession. Once the ball is “checked” by a member of the team on defense and returned to the member of the on offense, offensive player must pass ball in; dribbling ball in or shooting the ball will result in a turnover.


[Rule 11] A league official [two (2) if possible – one (1) for every two (2) courts] will be available for communication of infractions and to answer questions regarding league rules. A COURT MONITOR (another team’s captain or “league approved” alternate) will be assigned to each court. They will monitor score, time clock, possession arrow for jump balls.

[Rule 12] A team captain may ask the COURT MONITOR to settle disputes, whether it be “trash talk”/language violations, questionable calls, unsportsmanlike behavior from players or fans, or physically “rough” play. If a captain asks for a COURT MONITOR to rule on a situation, that decision is FINAL – any further discussion will result in a technical foul.

[Rule 13] If a player is fouled while shooting and does not score the basket, the offensive team will shoot one free throw. If a player is fouled while shooting and scores the basket, in addition to the basket, player receives a free throw.

[Rule 14] When a team commits their 5th team foul (and each foul thereafter), if the basket was made, it counts. If the basket was missed, the player who was fouled will shoot a free throw that will count as one point if made. If the free throw is missed, the offensive team retains possession.

[Rule 15] TECHNICAL, INTENTIONAL AND FLAGRANT FOULS: Non-offending team will select a player on the court to shoot a two (2) free throws. Make or miss, non-offending team maintains possession.


[Rule 16] The clock will stop on every whistle, out of bounds, break in action in the final 30-seconds of the game. The clock will begin once possession is gained-in-bounds from the entry/first pass.



[A] TEAMS: Before a team can participate, they must have completed the online registration and the fees have been processed.

[B] ELIGIBILITY: Players are not eligible to participate in any games until they have registered online. Players under 18 years of age require a signature from parent or guardian to be eligible to be on a roster. Players must be at least 9th grade or a minimum 14 years of age to be eligible to play. They are considered High School if they are in the final weeks of the final term of 8th grade.

[C] VERBAL ABUSE: will not be permitted, whether against umpires, coaches, teammates, opponents, fans, or league personnel. Verbal Abuse will be defined as any person who forcefully criticizes, insults, or denounces another person; or communication characterized by underlying anger and/or hostility; or a destructive form of communication intended to harm the self-concept of the other person and produce negative emotions.

[D] PROFANITY: will not be permitted. 1st incident results in a warning; 2nd incident results in a final warning; 3rd incident results in an ejection for the rest of that day; 4th incident results in multiple weeks suspension, up to the remainder of the season (length of suspension will be determined by the LEGACY Sports Board on a case by case basis.

[E] PHYSICAL ABUSE: Absolutely NO physical abuse at any time; includes fighting, verbal threats, attempts to provoke, taunting, physical bumps, pushing, or any act of aggression toward umpires, coaches, other players, fans.

[F] SUBSTANCES: No ALCOHOL is permitted by players, coaches, umpires, or spectators before games, during games, or anywhere on the premises inside the gates of the complex. No SMOKING, VAPING, or E-CIGS will be permitted anywhere inside the gates of the complex, as posted on signs as you enter the complex.


[A] Any player/team may be removed from the game or tournament at the discretion of the court monitor for abusive behavior, flagrant fouls or rough play.

[B] Any player involved in fighting or continuous misconduct during the game (including abusive behavior toward the court monitor) must meet with the Coordinator of Intramural Sports.


[A] Prior to the game, players must check-in at the information table with the Gymnasium Supervisor on duty

[B] NO TOBACCO OR ALCOHOL ALLOWED inside the venue or in the parking lot. This is a high school campus and as such has rules and regulations regarding tobacco and alcohol, including chewing tobacco.

[C] Ejection’s: Any form of physical combat at any time during when on the venue property will result in immediate ejection of any players and/or fans involved with further action taken on an individual basis. The League Administrators may eject any player or bystander for inappropriate behavior at any time. It is the responsibility of the team captain to make sure ejected players leave the area. Ejected players must be out of sight and sound within one minute or a forfeit may be declared.

[D] All team members, coaches, and spectators are subject to sportsmanship rules as stated in the Sports Ministry Code of Ethics. Each team’s sportsmanship will be evaluated by League Administrators, Court Monitors, and Scorekeepers assigned to the game.


[A] All players must wear athletic shoes. Tennis/running shoes are permitted. Any shoes that make markings on the floor are prohibited. Boots and sandals are also prohibited.

[B] Players may not wear baseball style caps or other rigid headwear. Knit and stocking caps are permitted. Players may wear a headband no wider than two inches and made of non-abrasive cloth, elastic, fiber, soft leather, or rubber. Rubber or cloth elastic bands may be used to control hair.

[C] No jewelry may be worn. Jewelry must be removed before the participant will be allowed to participate. Medical alert bracelets are permitted but they must be taped down. Taping of all other jewelry is not permitted.

[D] When a player is bleeding, has an open wound, or an excessive amount of blood or fresh blood on his/her uniform the player will be directed to leave the game. The injured player is not to return until the bleeding has stopped, the wound is covered, and the bloody uniform is changed. League Administrators will determine when a player is eligible to return to play.